Spedition Pohl „Thinking and acting responsibly and sustainably“

As a medium-sized family company with the longest tradition in Forchheim, we pursue a future-oriented corporate policy in which sustainable action is internalized and thus can endure long-term. Focused on economic, social and ecological goals, we achieve a high quality standard in our daily activities with great commitment and a sense of responsibility.

Responsibility for our environment

Active and intelligent environmental protection has high priority for us and we offer our customers the most economically and ecologically sensible service. The efficient design of all internal logistics process chains also makes a decisive contribution to our company. For the forwarding company Pohl, environmental management is more than a standardized certificate with binding procedural instructions. We do our environmental homework every day because it is primarily about acting out of conviction and an inner motivation, which we communicate to the outside world and that is how we use it.

A clear signal for our customers:

With Spedition Pohl you have a logistics partner at your side who gives particular priority to ecological challenges.

Environmentally and resource-saving technologies as well as the bundling of goods flows are part of our daily business. In the area of the vehicle fleet, diesel consumption in particular is an immense cost factor and consequently also has a decisive influence on the emissions caused. Regular consumption controls and the promotion of consumption-optimized driving behavior have proven their worth here for years. New and energy-efficient vehicles from the leading commercial vehicle providers are an important procurement criterion for us with regard to low consumption and emission values. To fulfill requirements, the vehicles are equipped with tires with optimized rolling resistance. As part of the BKrFQG, our drivers regularly take part in training courses on a consumption-optimized driving style and expand their qualifications.

IT-optimized route planning ensures optimal vehicle fleet utilization, thus reducing the circulation of traffic and subsequently the CO2 emissions of our transports. Unnecessary journeys and travel times are avoided. Where possible, paperless logistics are supported by online applications and provide our customers with comprehensive information on their shipment.

For more sustainable results in the real estate sector, we are maximizing energy optimization potential by building our photovoltaic system, which was completed in 2012. In total, over 10,000 modules provide an average annual energy of approx. 2,131,850 kWh. In a 3-person household with an annual consumption of 4,500 kWh, the generated electricity is supplied to around 470 households.

Green Logistics – nothing new for us!

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